Roan Kearsey-Lawson MA, MA, BA Hons, MISM. International Composer, Performer & Session Musician. Classical, Jazz, World, Theatre & Pop Genres. Vibes Player, Marimba, Timpani, Piano, Drum Kit, Latin & Orchestral Percussion

Roan Kearsey-Lawson Session Recording Musician

"The Groovy Uncle asked Roan Kearsey-Lawson to create a vibes part for 'Consider it Done'...laying down the track in one take, in fact it took longer to get the vibes in and out of the studio! Nice! Great!"  (Glenn Prangnell Trouserphonic Records)

Roan has recorded on Vibes, Marimba, Piano, Drum Kit, Percussion and Timpani on 3 of his own albums plus for many other clients.  He is one of those musicians following the Six P's approach:  Prior-Practice-Prevents-Pretty-Poor-Performance.  Roan always aims for one hit takes and delivers the results.  He plays from reading, improvising over chords, without music from ear, or can create bespoke lines and ideas with the producer/composer before or in the studio.

For example a Swedish blues band asked Roan to record from his home studio a vibes track to overlay on one track on their album.  From a skeleton chord score Roan created and recorded 6 versions, emailed it off to them all within no time at all.  

Another example is Trouserphonic Records who employed Roan on three albums asking him on the album 'One Vowel Away from the Truth' to create the music and perform Tubular Bells on 'Human Scaffold' and vibes on 'Consider it Done', plus they have employed him as a conductor/arranger/composer such as on the track 'No Idea' for the album 'Persuaded'.  The latest recording for a yet to be released album they asked Roan to create and perform a duo track on Piano, and another track on electric piano.

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