Roan Kearsey-Lawson MA, MA, BA Hons, MISM. International Composer, Performer & Session Musician. Classical, Jazz, World, Theatre & Pop Genres. Vibes Player, Marimba, Timpani, Piano, Drum Kit, Latin & Orchestral Percussion

Roan Kearsey-Lawson Live Dates

Find below a choice selection of some gigs and tours where you can get to see and hear Roan performing, please email for precise details.  

If you are a promoter Roan is often very busy but is always happy to discuss dates with you, please contact us through bookings to find out availability.

Roan found performing regular Jazz at the 144Club in Rochester 

Roan leads the bands at the 144Club so you should be able to catch him there every month.  For more information visit the club site 


May 2015, Tour of Norway.

Other Notable Concert Gigs

Ealing Jazz Festival July 2015,  Rochester Cathedral June 2015, Grantham Jazz Club November 2015

European Gigs

Tour of Norway, May 2015.

Gig information correct at time of print.