Roan Kearsey-Lawson MA, MA, BA Hons, MISM. International Composer, Performer & Session Musician. Classical, Jazz, World, Theatre & Pop Genres. Vibes Player, Marimba, Timpani, Piano, Drum Kit, Latin & Orchestral Percussion

The Roan Trio Classical Conversations

14 Different Instruments, 3 Expert Musicians

Globally Unique!

"It's virtuoso performance all round - and what a pleasure to find the glorious sounds of marimba and bass clarinet in there with the vibes and saxes!"  (Ron Simpson, Big Bear Music)

Classical, Jazz, Latin & World Fusions, Original Compositions, Arrangements & Instrumentation, Beautiful Melodies & Exciting Rhythms

Synergetic Live Performances

"Plays it Beautifully" (Ron Simpson)

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Roan Kearsey-Lawson (Vibes, Marimba, Piano, Drum Kit & 4 Orchestral Timpani)

Duncan Lamont Jr. (Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, & Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bari Sax)

Dominic Ashworth (Semi Acoustic Arch Top Guitar – Voted Britain’s Best Guitarist).  

     “Not to be missed, a real audience treat, the live performance of the Roan Trio’s take on Flight of the Bumblebee – or should we say ‘Blight of the Spanish Humble-Bee’”

The show stopping Roan Trio features 14 Different Instruments performed by Roan, Duncan Lamont Jr and Dominic Ashworth.  The full instrument line up is great for large festival stages, theatres, art centres and large music clubs.  The full line up of instruments will literally fill a stage, however, the trio can perform many of her artistic repertoire as a slim down version for smaller venues.  See below for more information or just ask via Contacts & Booking for technical requirements. (Band Biog Below.)

The Roan Trio Repertoire & Style  Booking Information

   The Roan Trio gives listeners and audiences new sounds and compositions packed full of interest, intrigue, rhythmic excitement and visually entertaining performances. 

   Each musical work has been crafted with balance and smoothness so that there is always just the right fusion of melody, improvisation and expert orchestration using 14 Different Instruments for Globally unique tone sounds and interplay.  

   There is no traditional ‘Rhythm Section’ to be found here, but your ears will think there is.  The orchestration of Treble, Mid and Bass ranges, coupled with continuous rhythmic articulation make this unique Roan Trio an imaginative, engaging and original musical journey.  One which explores new territory of classical orchestration and jazz improvisation.   

   All Compositions and Musical Arrangements are by Roan Kearsey-Lawson.  Many Compositions use excerpts from other works by Roan, such as the four Movement Classical Work ‘The Finchcocks Suite’ and ‘A Tale of Love’.

   Classical inspiration for original works includes the Classical Era, Late Romantic, 20th Century, Contemporary Classical & Film. World Music influences include Spanish, Latin, Melodic Jazz, North African and Middle Eastern. 

   The core sound is Vibes, Guitar and Bass Clarinet (ideal for smaller venues) but on full concerts this extends to 14 Instruments.  The Roan Trio uses various instrument line ups, and regularly changes instrumentation during pieces. For example a typical classical inspired work could use Piano, Guitar & Flute, whereas Latin could use Guitar, Soprano Sax and Marimba, or even Timpani, Guitar & Bari Sax (a line up not heard anywhere in the world).

   Live performances are a platter of sparks, fire, and gentle emotion.  Delivered with a dry, witty humour from Roan on the Microphone, and on stages big enough, a big band of instruments performed with synergy by three expert musicians.  Where else in the World can audiences experience such a unique Trio of 14 Instruments?

Meet the Band Booking Information

Roan Kearsey-Lawson MA, MA, BA Hons, MISM

With recent work for the BBC as a musical director and stage manager, including live performance on BBCTV to date Roan has performed on Vibes, Marimba, Drum Kit and Piano with over 100 top artists from across the globe.  To name a few, the likes of America’s Darius Brubeck and Scott Hamilton, plus UK greats Don Rendell and Digby Fairweather. He has performed all over the UK plus in France, Austria, Norway and Germany.  Gigs include the London 2012 Olympics.  Venues include London’s Royal Albert Hall and live on BBC TV and Radio.  Recent activity includes inventing and publishing a new 4 Mallet Technique for tuned percussion and being Musical Director for BBC TV Children In Need concert.  2015 Concerts include Norway, London’s Ealing Jazz Festival in the UK, Nottingham Royal Concert Halls and many more.  As a session musician he has recorded recently for a Swedish Blues Band, three albums for pop music Trouserphonic Label, and composer, arranger and MD for a String Quartet recording for Groovy Uncle.  Roan also has an interesting ancestry being a descendent of Mary Queen of Scotts and Prime Minister Sir Spencer Perceval. 2015 sees the release of his album ‘Classical Conversations

Duncan Lamont Jr.

After inviting Duncan Lamont Senior (AKA Frank Sinatra’s Saxophonist) to perform with Roan in Rochester, England, Duncan Jr came along too.  In the years that followed Roan never forgot Duncan Jr’s Quality and asked him to join his Quintet then his trio.  Duncan Lamont Jr was in the ‘Dame Shirley Bassey’ Orchestra for 10years, and has played in the BBC Big Band and BBC Concert Orchestra.  Over his career Duncan has performed in West Shows, backed among others Barry White and Amy Winehouse, recorded for Film and TV including for the Film ‘Iris’ with Kate Winslet, and arranged music for BBC Strictly Come Dancing. He also wrote music for the Hong Kong handover ceremony for the Hong Kong Philharmonic.

Dominic Ashworth

Originally from  Ontario Canada, Dominic Graduated from University of Toronto, he then went on to perform in Havana, Cuba.  After that spell he studied under scholarship in Spain.  Finally Dominic settled in the UK.  First performing Carmen in Newcastle Playhouse, then living in Scotland and performing at all the major festivals, before moving to England. For many years he worked with George Melly, Paul Jones & Digby Fairweather in Digby’s Half Dozen Band (which he still does today).  In 2006 he was voted Best British Guitarist.  He also teaches guitar at Trinity College of Music in London.

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