Roan Kearsey-Lawson MA, MA, BA Hons, MISM. International Composer, Performer & Session Musician. Classical, Jazz, World, Theatre & Pop Genres. Vibes Player, Marimba, Timpani, Piano, Drum Kit, Latin & Orchestral Percussion

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"Your drumming is great and vibes playing a knockout" - Digby Fairweather

"Roan...shows he has a penchant for writing good, lyrical music and arranging it to a variety of styles….Roan Kearsey-Lawson is a talented multi- instrumentalist and composer…"  Ian Maund Sandy Brown Jazz .

Roan Kearsey-Lawson has performed live on BBC1 TV and live on BBC Radio.  He has been a musical director for BBCTV Children in Need theatre event.  He has had a one hour BBC radio programme broadcast about his career and compositions.  

Roan is regarded as one of the finest percussion players in the industry having performing in Classical, Jazz, World, Theatre and Pop industries.

In Jazz Roan has performed with over 100 great jazz artists, including Scott Hamilton &Darius Brubeck from the USA and Digby FairweatherDon Rendell from the UK to name only a few. 

He has performed at London venues including Spice of Life Soho, CAA Covent Garden, Ealing Jazz Festival and in Theatres such as Arts Theatre West End, Royal Albert Hall Ignite concerts and Royal Concert Halls Nottingham,  For 'Who With' and 'Where' Roan has performed - find out more... 

His performances are always 100% packed with energy, with visually stunning fast performances and on slow numbers mesmerising intrigue, drawing every listener in and he is an experienced performer particularly in concert settings with a great dry sense of humour on the microphone. 

Roan even has a royal ancestry, and 3 University Degrees!  He is also a great Session recording musician having written and recorded recently in the Pop Industry (for a band selling mainly in the USA) and recording for a blues band in Sweden.

As a composer he has written over 33 works in Classical, Jazz and Pop industry.

Short Biography 

      Recent Biographical Information:  2013 to 2014: Performances: Roan Kearsey-Lawson has recently performed for BBC1 TV in a theatre show backing Comedians where he performed on Vibes, played live on BBC TV and was Musical Director for the event.  During 2014 performances include the Ealing Jazz Festival, Pizza Express, Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, and a tour of Scandinavia.  Recordings:  Roan has just released his album ‘Presence in Mind’.  He has also recorded for a pop band who are popular in the USA and has recently recorded for a Swedish Blues Band in Stockholm.  He currently working on 2 more pop recordings in 2014.  Composing:  Roan has been commissioned to write and arrange for a string quartet for the next album of pop band Groovy Uncle.  He is also working on a four movement Chamber Music Suite; Finchcocks Suite (a place where he regularly performs with the World’s Oldest Piano maker, Broadwood & Sons).

        A background note about Roan.  A Vibes player and composer (and lots of other instruments – playing Vibes, Marimba, Drums and Piano on his album).  Lives near Rochester in Kent, England from London parents.  Roan’s Grandfather was a professional musician playing for Ted Heath, plus is credited for introducing George Chisholm and Jack Parnell into the music business.  Roan has an interesting ancestry being related to the Royal Stuarts (Mary Queen of Scotts family line), a British Prime Minister (Sir Spencer Perceval) and a freed Black slave from the Southern USA.

     He has been playing professionally since a teenager for about 20 years in lots of genres from Classical Timpanist, Disco Drummer, & Pit Percussionist in Professional shows, to German Oom Pah Band Comedy show Pianist (and drums at the same time!).  Roan went to the Universities of Kent and King’s College London undertaking 3 degrees (1st Class in Music & Social Science, plus two academic Masters Degrees). He spent some years teaching in schools such as Cobham Hall, wrote a drum book during this time, and now teaches from his home studio, records, performs and composes.  Notably Roan has invented a new technique / Grip for the Vibraphone and Marimba.  An original 4 Mallet technique for Marimba and Vibes not seen anywhere in the world.

       On the jazz side Roan Kearsey-Lawson started when a teenager as a New Orleans Jazz & Dinner Dance band drummer.  In 2002 Bought a 1950’s Degan Vibraphone (originally sold in NYC in 1950’s).  He taught himself to play jazz piano then jazz vibes playing along to BBC Radio Jazz Programmes.  After performing with a local Big Band and local small band on vibes, Roan performed first paid gig on vibes in December 2004 with John Myhill’s Modern Jazz Trio (which went on to play gigs in London such as Ignite Concert Series at the Royal Albert Hall).  In 2005 performed on vibes with the likes of Tony Coe (Saxophonist in the Pink Panther films), Don Rendell and others.  At the same time worked in an experimental trio with the late Clive Hicks (session musician to Tom Jones, Elton John etc).  Since 2006 Roan has mostly performed in the background as a rhythm section musician backing over 100 world class artists such as the Americans Scott Hamilton and Darius Brubeck, and UK musicians Digby Fairweather and Don Rendell (to name only a few, see full list).

      Awards.  Roan is record winning!  He won a record in 1995 in a Raffle! (By the way he has a great sense of humour, on and off the microphone).  He also won a highly commended award by his local council for his work promoting jazz.

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